‘The Right One’ Finds $50,000 Win with The Price is Right Scratch-off

$50,000 The Price Is Right_The Right One_web

“The Right One” came on down to Lottery headquarters to claim her $50,000 top prize on The Price is Right scratch-off!

Baltimore woman nabs top prize in $5 game

A 57-year-old Baltimore woman picked “the right one” in the Maryland Lottery’s popular The Price is Right scratch-off game and decided to “come on down” to Lottery headquarters and the Winner’s Circle. Because her instant ticket turned out to be a $50,000 top-prize winner, the lucky player adopted the nickname “The Right One” to celebrate being the right person to pick the right instant ticket.

The Johns Hopkins Healthcare employee simply followed her routine to find her way to a top-prize win. She was homeward bound after work when she stopped at the Bargain Outlet at 4506 Erdman Avenue specifically to purchase scratch-offs. The loyal player bought four instant tickets, including the lucky winning scratch-off, and took them home to play.

“The first two were not winners,” she said. “That third ticket…I had to look at it a couple of times.” That’s because “The Right One” could not believe her eyes!

After trying to calm down, the winner called her husband at his job to share the news and then told her children. Her husband doubted “The Right One” until he came home to see the winning scratch-off in person. “We are still a little in shock,” he told Lottery officials.

“The Right One” placed her winning scratch-off in a safe and tried to enjoy a peaceful weekend. She admits to having a tough time sleeping at night!

The lucky player, who normally selects bingo-style scratch-offs, has picked The Price is Right as her new favorite game. She plans to use some of the winnings to pay bills and will save the rest.

“The Right One” not only picked the right ticket, she chose the right retailer too! The Bargain Outlet in Baltimore will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling the top-prize ticket in the game.