Third Big Payday for Lucky Lottery Fan

Edward Falatovich - Silver and Gold

Edward Falatovich Claims His $50,000 Win.

$50,000 scratch-off prize latest win for Ocean City vacationer

The third day into his vacation, Pennsylvania resident Edward Falatovich, struck it rich for the third time, winning $50,000 on the Maryland Lottery’s Silver & Gold scratch-off. Exciting as this was for the 52-year-old, it paled just a little in comparison to the two $250,000 paydays that he had in 2008 and 2009.

“The first time I had to take a valium,” said Edward, with a laugh. “The second win, I was real excited. This time, I was more composed.” An avid fan of Lottery scratch-offs, Edward decided to pick up a couple tickets while in pursuit of a beach umbrella for his wife. “We figured instead of spending $14 every day to rent one, we’d just go ahead and buy an umbrella,” said the father-of-one. “First I went to Sunsations, then I stopped into the 7-11 and got a couple Lottery tickets.”

Edward, who describes Lottery play as a hobby of his, didn’t scratch the ticket until later that evening. “Ohhhh baby,” was Edward’s response as he gradually revealed his win. “I realized, ‘yes’ this is something.” Edward likes to buy his scratch-offs strategically and visits the Lottery website to check out prizes remaining on the ticket.

After discovering his latest windfall, Edward shared the news with his wife-of-23-years, who replied, “Yeah!” The Lottery and trout-fishing fan will use his most recent winnings to fund his 12-year-old son’s college fund. With his previous prizes, Edward paid off his mortgage, purchased vehicles and did a major home remodel.

Edward endorses playing responsibly and will continue to enjoy Lottery games, fully intending to continue his lucky streak. “I’m gonna’ win again,” his said enthusiastically.

The winning Silver & Gold scratch-off was purchased at 7-11 #23819, located at 11911 Coastal Hwy. in Ocean City.