Third Time’s the Charm for Scratch-off Player’s Lottery Dream

Finds $50,000 winning instant ticket in Garrett County

Dreams do come true! A surveyor from a small Pennsylvania town just across the border from Grantsville in Garrett County just realized his dream of finding a major win on a Maryland Lottery scratch-off. The Ultimate Riches instant ticket put a $50,000 prize in his pocket.

“I’ve had this dream three times now, the one where every one of my scratch-off numbers match,” said the 26-year-old. “I play these tickets three or four times every week and have never even come close. I’ve won plenty of times, but haven’t gotten that ‘dream’ ticket.”

Last Wednesday was the day that his dream and reality collided. “I was gassing up the truck and saw the Lottery vending machine,” said the husband and father. “I planned to spend $20 on three tickets – a $10 and two $5 games. At the last second, though, I decided to put it all on one game. The first $20 ticket I saw was Ultimate Riches.” 

The scratch-off fan went to work on the instant ticket right there in the Grantsville Exxon’s parking lot. “The whole first line were matches that totaled $7,200,” he said. “I was amazed, but kept on scratching – match after match after match.”  When he finished his game, the Somerset County, Pa. resident realized that his dream – which he’d experienced most recently just the week before – had come true. “It was crazy, especially when I added up all the prizes,” he said.

The lucky dreamer and his wife will dedicate their Ultimate Riches prize to the search for a new family vehicle. “This helps us a lot. The money we’d set aside for this can now go toward other things.”

The lucky scratch-off was waiting for our winner at the Grantsville Exxon located at 26 South Yoder Street in Grantsville. His game choice, the Ultimate Riches scratch-off, still has lots of winners’ dreams to answer with big prizes. All seven of its $1 million top prizes remain in circulation as well as nine more $50,000 prizes.