Thirst Satisfies Appetite for Winning

Middle River Man Wins $30,000 on Blackout Bingo Scratch-Off

Andrew Hammen - Blackout BingoThis rainy Monday morning was anything but dreary for 18-year-old Andrew Hammen who visited Lottery Headquarters with his dad in tow to claim his $30,000 Blackout Bingo prize. Smiling broadly, Andrew recounted his winning moment, which happened at the end of February. Explaining why it took him so long to come in, Andrew said, “I needed to get paperwork from my mom, who lives out of state.”

An occasional Lottery player, Andrew was on his way home from work last month and stopped to get a beverage. “I had a few extra dollars so I bought a few scratch-offs,” he said. After buying his tickets, he stopped at his dad’s house, where he proceeded to scratch them. “I looked at the ticket and said ‘no way.’” “Dad, you gotta look at this.” He then handed the winning ticket to his dad, who handed it to Andrew’s aunt, who showed it to his grandmother. “There was definitely a lot of excitement,” said Andrew.

The appreciative young man added that he would have been happy to win $30, let alone $30,000. Expressing maturity beyond his years, Andrew intends to use his winnings to pay for car insurance and purchase an affordable car that could be paid for in full.

The winning ticket was purchased at Kwik Mart, located at 6656 Belair Rd. in Baltimore City.