Thirsty Grandmother Finds $10,000 Scratch-off Prize

This lucky Lusby lady won $10,000 on a 10x Cash scratch-off.

Shopped for a soda and left with winning 10x Cash game

An unusual thirst for a soda put Judy Lilley of Lusby in the path of Lottery luck and a $10,000 top-prize win on a 10x Cash scratch-off.

The mother of two grown children and two grandsons, Judy said she craved a soda last Sunday and headed to the community store, Mimi’s Station in Lusby, to quench her thirst.

“I don’t even drink sodas,” she said. “But, for some reason, I just had to have one.”

While at the Lottery retailer, the 55-year-old purchased two scratch-offs including the 10x Cash instant ticket. The Dash In manager scratched off one line of the game in the store and revealed a $1,000 prize. Thinking she had won that amount, the Charles County resident went home to finish scratching off the instant ticket.

“Each line was $1,000,” she said, smiling. “I could not believe what I was seeing.”

The happy woman said she plans to pay bills with her prize.

The popular $10 game still has 59 top prizes remaining, along with thousands of other prizes ranging from $10 to $1,000. Her lucky retailer, Mimi’s Station, is located at 12020 Rousby Hall Road in Calvert County.