Thoughtful Son Brings Mom Luck

She Wins $30,000 With Blackout Bingo Scratch-Off

Benzenia TownsendBenzenia Townsend has been patiently waiting for lottery luck for a long time.  She’s tried almost all of the Lottery’s games and, while enjoying each experience and even winning moderate cash prizes from time to time, she’s wondered over the years which game would deliver her a big win.  It turns out that it wasn’t the specific game that was at issue, but how she got it.

Ms. Townsend, an analyst for Baltimore’s Department of Transportation, was at work Friday afternoon when her son stopped by for a visit.  Knowing his mom’s love of scratch-offs, he surprised her with a Blackout Bingo ticket.  “I scratched it as we sat there talking,” she explained to officials, “but I got quiet when I saw those numbers matching up – I just couldn’t believe my eyes.”  Confirmation from her son and from several co-workers that she’d just won $30,000 made it real for her, sort of.  “Only now that I’m here and the Lottery is telling me it’s true do I really believe.”

Taking care of some troublesome bills will be Benzenia’s first priority.  Next will be a trip to visit family in the Midwest – all thanks to her son and to the folks at Y&S Check Cashing, 2101 East Monument Street in Baltimore, the seller of the lucky ticket