Three is the Lucky Number for Bel Air Man

Hits Big on Three Racetrax Tickets

Back in March, on an ordinary Thursday, something extraordinary happened to a Bel Air man. The 56-year-old decided to play Racetrax and walked away a big winner, not just once, but three times! The man said had two tickets worth $27,780 and a third worth $9,260 for a combined total of $64,820.

The father-of-two adult children wanted to take his time claiming his winning tickets. “I was here a few weeks back to claim the $9,260 on the first ticket,” he said. “I decided to wait a bit before cashing this ticket.”

Among the tickets he bought that day were a winning Trifecta Box and two winning Trifecta tickets with a Bonus. The lucky man said to remember his face, because he would be back sometime later to cash his final $27,780 ticket.

With his winnings, the player said he plans to help his family, pay some bills and take a vacation. The winning ticket was purchased at Edgewood Amoco located at 2201 Pulaski Highway in Edgewood, Maryland.