Thrilled Baltimore Woman Claims $30,000 Blackout Bingo Prize [VIDEO]


Gloria Sturgiss-Robinson arrived at Lottery Headquarters with tears in her eyes and a spring in her step. The divorced mother-of-four couldn’t contain her excitement as she was led into the Lottery’s Winner’s Lounge, with two of her sons by her side. “I didn’t expect all this,” Gloria kept repeating as Lottery staff clapped and cheered for her win.

The soon-to-be 48-year-old was with her grown sons a couple days ago when they encouraged her to buy some $2 scratch-off tickets. At first pooh-poohing them, Gloria finally decided to try her luck. While her first purchases didn’t reveal a win, the next day Gloria bought 2 more $2 Blackout Bingo tickets – this time with a much different result.

“My sons and I were at Subway when I scratched the ticket,” said Gloria. “Every time we scratched, the prize kept getting bigger and bigger.” The happy threesome quickly returned to the 7-ll where they bought the tickets to have the clerk confirm the win. “It didn’t hit me until I went to bed,” said Gloria. “I couldn’t sleep, I was so excited.”

An avid fan of Pick 3 and Pick 4, Gloria expressed her delight at her windfall and said enthusiastically, “Thank you State of Maryland!” The geriatric nursing assistant intends to save some of her money for a rainy day, saying, “I’ve learned, it’s hard to get money and easy to lose it.” She also plans to take $200 of her winnings to the new Maryland Live Casino, where she says she’ll “Celebrate her birthday and eat at the buffet.” The winning ticket was purchased at 7-11, located at620 Reisterstown Rd. in Baltimore.

Gloria Sturgiss-Robinson

Gloria Sturgiss-Robinson is all smiles about her Blackout Bingo win