Tic Tac OH NO!

Melissa Wilson - Super Tic Tac Toe

Caroline County Couple’s $30,000 Winning Ticket Almost Ripped in Half

A Hurlock couple scratched their way to a nice-sized nest egg on the Super Tic Tac Toe scratch-off.  Fifty-two-year-old Melissa Wilson was with her husband Dallas when luck shined their way. Their lucky moment could have played out much differently.

“I was playing my Pick 4 numbers, when Dallas suggested I buy the scratch-off because it was the last one left from the roll,” said Melissa, a housekeeper. Without really knowing how to play the game, Dallas scratched off the ticket and handed it to the cashier to check. The “cash at lottery” message popped up, but then the unthinkable happened. The cashier began to tear the ticket down the middle. “I don’t think he realized it was a winner,” said Melissa. “I asked him to hand the ticket back before it was torn completely in half,” sighed Dallas.

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After getting the almost-severed ticket back in their hands, the parents of four and grandparents of eleven went home and tried to relax. Unfortunately, thinking about their windfall and what could have been lost caused the couple to have a restless night. Early the next morning, they took the trip to Baltimore to claim their big prize.

The Wilsons plan to use the winnings towards a sunroom or a screened-in porch and will put the rest of their winnings into savings. The winning ticket was purchased at Shop Stop located at 300 Broad Street in Hurlock, Maryland.