Time is Right for $50,000 MONOPOLY™ Bonus Drawing Prize [VIDEO]


Shirley Raigns from Parkville has been a bit stressed out of late due to some bills that were piling up. So, when the 55-year-old saw “Maryland Lottery” on her phone’s caller ID, she was pretty excited. “I knew I’d entered the MONOPOLY™ contest,” said Shirley.

With high expectations, she called back and quickly discovered that she had, indeed, won $50,000 in the MONOPOLY™ scratch-off bonus drawing. An avid Lottery fan, Shirley has been playing since she was 18 years of age. “This $50,000 win blew me out of the water,” said the retired government worker. “And now I can swim,” she added with a laugh.

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Shirley, who was accompanied to Lottery Headquarters by her oldest niece, spoke enthusiastically about the MONOPOLY™ scratch-off. “It’s my favorite ticket,” she said. “I love the board game and also like playing the online game.” Shirley entered about ten tickets into the drawing and received several other bonus entries as well. While the former recreation therapist intends use the prize money to pay those accumulating bills, she said she will also spread the joy. “I’ll share with my nieces and nephews, grand nieces and nephews, great-grand nieces and nephews, oh and church too.”

The MONOPOLY™ scratch-off and Bonus Drawings have proven so popular that six more $50,000 top prizes were added to the ticket, as well as two more Bonus Drawings.  Players can enter the Bonus Drawings by entering non-winning MONOPOLY™ scratch-offs at mdlottery.com/Monopoly.  The next drawing will take place on June 19.

Shirley Raigns - Monopoly

“This $50,000 win blew me out of the water,” said Shirley.