Timely Win for Berlin Couple

Wins $10,000 Prize Playing Mega Millions

With two kids in college and stacks of household bills, John Walls of Berlin has had much on his mind of late.  Throw in a toothache and you might think that he would be in a lousy mood, but you’d be wrong.  John and his wife were nothing but smiles today when they visited Lottery Headquarters – it seems a $10,000 Mega Millions win does wonders for whatever’s bothering you.

“This comes at a very good time for us,” John told officials.  “Just last week – before I knew we’d won – we were trying to figure out how to pay for a couple of things.  I told my wife that I’d find a way.”  They’d bought the winning ticket earlier this month while on a dinner outing at a nearby sub shop.  John stuck the ticket in his briefcase, forgetting about it until the fateful “find a way” conversation almost two weeks later.  He never expected Mega Millions to be part of the way, but when he checked the winning numbers he’d matched enough of them to garner the $10,000 prize.

The many bills the family has will become many fewer as a result with the help of Mega Millions.  A weekend in St. Michaels might also find a way onto the couple’s schedule.  John’s good luck found him at the Southside Deli, 11021 Nicholas Lane in Berlin.