Timing is Key for Delaware Man

Wins $50,000 Top Prize on a World Championship Poker Scratch-Off

World Championship PokerThe hours after being let go from a job are usually rather depressing and full of anxiety about what the future holds.  This was certainly true for a Delaware man who visited the Lottery’s Claim Center today.  He, however, kept his “down in the dumps” time to a minimum.

“I walked out of the store with no idea of what I was going to do,” the Vietnam-born nail salon (former) employee told officials.  He stopped by a nearby Salisbury convenience store for a cold drink and decided at the last moment to try a few instant tickets.  He chose World Championship Poker.  He chose well.

“I got four tickets.  The first three weren’t winners but the fourth….that fourth ticket surprised me.”  The $50,000 win, coming less than an hour after he was fired, will make the search for his next job much easier than he expected it to be.  The first step in the process: a new car.  “I’ve relied on friends to get me around recently, they’ve been very nice.  I’m happy that I won’t have to bother them anymore for rides.”

Today’s winner found his World Championship Poker instant luck at the Quick Stop at 2513 North Salisbury Boulevard.