Tombstone Mason Carves Time for FAST PLAY Fun, Wins $50,000

Halethorpe resident finds prize playing Lucky Numbers game

A Baltimore County man who carves gravestones for a living turned a routine morning stop for coffee into an everlasting memory.

The Halethorpe resident took time to add a FAST PLAY Lucky Numbers ticket to his coffee purchase at Royal Farms #009 in Baltimore. That purchase delivered a powerful, unexpected  jolt!

The 28-year-old occasionally visits the store located at 6414 Windsor Mill Road in the morning before work to get a cup of morning joe and play FAST PLAY and other lottery games. He was drinking his coffee while checking the $10 ticket and reports he got more of a boost from the $50,000 prize than from the caffeine.

“It took the rest of the day for me to calm down,” said the lucky winner. “This feels awesome!” He told a few close friends about his Lottery luck and they, too, were very excited.

When asked of his plans for his prize, the winner said he plans to pay off debt and save the rest.

The FAST PLAY Lucky Numbers game has a progressive jackpot, which grows with each sale until a lucky player buys a winning ticket. One of 18 FAST PLAY games, this one has 25 unclaimed progressive jackpots along with 49 remaining $10,000 prizes and more than 750,000 other prizes ranging from $10 to $1,000.