Top-Prize Lottery Winner: It Pays to Scratch the Entire Ticket!

Frederick man claims $100,000 Blingo Bingo prize

209-Blingo-Bingo-ITVM_P1-silverWhen you play bingo, it pays to concentrate closely on the game. Miss just one number and you might also miss your win. The same holds true for the Maryland Lottery’s popular bingo scratch-offs, as a 56-year-old Frederick man just found out.

Fortunately, this lucky player caught his mistake and collected his $100,000 prize!

The Goodwill employee bought just one $10 Blingo Bingo ticket on a Friday while doing some shopping at the Weis Market in Frederick. He almost bought two $5 scratch-offs but changed his mind and selected the Blingo Bingo game.

He scratched the ticket off at home and initially thought his win was only $150. “I almost missed one block that was down in the corner,” he said. “But, when I looked closer, I saw that I missed that one number.”

A couple of days later, the Frederick County resident took his ticket to two retailers to verify the prize amount. The second retailer printed out the cash receipt that read $100,000 and reminded him to sign the back of the ticket, which he did.

The big winner then called his brother and told him he needed to go to Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim his big prize. The two men arrived with the winner’s fiancé in tow.

“He always wins,” said the winner’s brother. “He must have a rabbit’s foot or something.” The player said that he has also won $20,000 at Charles Town Races and $10,000 playing the Lottery’s Pick 4 game.

The loyal player plans to purchase some jewelry with his prize and save the rest. For selling the top-prize ticket in the game, Weis Markets #60 located at 448 Prospect Boulevard in Frederick will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery.