Top Prize Scratch Win for St. Mary’s County Man

Wins $100,000 Playing Big Money Bingo

Everyone needs a break once in a while during their work day, a chance to step away from the grind to relax for a moment. For an equipment operator in Hollywood, one of those momentary respites this past Wednesday proved to be quite memorable. He spent his few minutes of down time scratching a Big Money Bingo ticket he’d purchased on the way in to the shop that morning. When he returned to the job just a few minutes later he was $100,000 richer.

“I checked that thing probably ten times to make sure I was reading it correctly,” the winner told Lottery officials. “When I walked back in to work I had tears in my eyes. The other guys thought something had happened outside.” Something did happen, of course, something that none of them will ever forget. “There was a lot of yelling, hugs and high-fives going on. My boss was upset because we were shorthanded and he couldn’t let me leave for the Lottery office.”

The St. Mary’s County man and his wife have definite plans for their winnings. After taking care of some debts and setting some aside for a vehicle that needs attention, there will be plenty left over for their four kids. The winning ticket was purchased at the Burchmart convenience store, located at 28270 Three Notch Rd. in Mechanicsville.