Top Secret Cash Scratch-off Win to Finance New Venture

Disabled Washington, D.C. man to invest Maryland Lottery prize in vendor’s license

Top Secret CashA Washington, D.C. man sidelined with a disability even before he suffered a mobility-impairing stroke in June is ready to suit up for a new venture, thanks to his $50,000 Top Secret Cash scratch-off win.

The 61-year-old bachelor is counting his blessings for a unique Thanksgiving this year. The father of an adult son and grandfather of two, he routinely visits a 7-Eleven in College Park to buy coffee and Maryland Lottery scratch-offs. He favors that location because his last big scratch-off win of $3,000 in the 1990s occurred at the store.

This Thanksgiving, following his routine, he arrived at the store to buy coffee and a $5 Top Secret Cash scratch-off. He scratched off the ticket without finding a win. Unlike other days, there was not another soul in the University of Maryland area store except staff members. “Something said, ‘try it again,’ ” our winner recalled, so the lucky man bought a second Top Secret Cash scratch-off. He scratched off a $50,000 winner right there on the spot.

“God blessed me,” he said. The winner kept thinking to himself, “This is unbelievable.”

He wore a winter coat that day with very deep pockets. After calmly verifying the win with a clerk, he tucked the winning ticket deep inside a pocket. His win is so top secret he told no one about his good fortune during Thanksgiving dinner. “I just smiled and enjoyed my turkey,” he said.

Even today, only his older brother knows his secret. The happy winner kept the ticket hidden in his apartment all weekend until he could get to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore early Monday morning. He plans to invest the money and buy a vendor’s license to operate a business in Washington, D.C.

His lucky Prince George’s County store is the 7-Eleven at 4404 Knox Road in College Park. Three top-prize-winning $50,000 tickets are still awaiting discovery in Maryland stores.