Touchdown worth $200,000 for Odenton Football Player

19-Year-Old Claims Powerball Second-Tier Prize

A calm and collected Odenton man strolled into Lottery Headquarters this afternoon to claim a whopping second-tier $200,000 Powerball win.  The man, who arrived with his family, his Bible and a giant smile, soon allowed Lottery officials to see past his cool facade.  “I’m still in shock,” exclaimed the man, who chose to remain anonymous, as he sat down.

The 19-year-old, who plays the Lottery “once or twice in a blue moon,” explained that he had a few dollars left over after purchasing a bag of chips at a local convenience store and decided to buy a Powerball ticket.  He purchased a $1 ticket and used the Quick Pick option – then didn’t think about it for the rest of the day.  “I had an errand to run the next day and scanned my ticket at the store,” he said.  “When the screen read ‘see Lottery Commission,’ I thought the scanner was broken!”  The lucky winner went on to explain the feeling of excitement and disbelief that followed after the retailer told him that he had won a large sum of money.

The young man, a high school football standout who is actively being recruited by several East Coast universities, said that he will use the money to buy a new car, but “nothing too flashy.”   He also joked, “I’ll probably buy a pack of gum, too. Actually, I’ll buy a family pack so I can give some to my parents.” The whole family then burst into laughter.  He then, very seriously, added that he is very grateful for his win and feels very lucky to have won this large sum of money.

The winning ticket was purchased at Toms Liquors located at 1592 Annapolis Road in Odenton.