Tow Truck Driver Hauls Off $30,000 Scratch-off Prize

IMG_3896 $30K Tic Tac Dough Campbell webA $30,000 scratch-off win put smiles on the faces of Barclay residents Robert Campbell Sr., his wife Mary (left) and daughter Darlene Campbell.

Finds luck with Tic Tac Dough game

An Eastern Shore tow truck driver and auto mechanic who enjoys playing Maryland Lottery games just hauled away a hefty $30,000 prize from the Tic Tac Dough game.

Robert Campbell Sr. of Barclay is a regular Lottery player at Phillips Mart in Sudlersville, which is a store attached to his employer, Phillips Garage. The scratch-off fan also enjoys playing Powerball and Mega Millions.

He’s won $100 in the past and typically buys and scratches off instant tickets after arriving at work. He followed that routine on his lucky day with a completely different outcome. The first of his two Tic Tac Dough scratch-offs was a $30 winner, Robert said. The prize he revealed on the second $3 ticket was huge!

“I couldn’t believe it until I checked it at the store,” he said. The happy 51-year-old put in a full day’s work after his win. The family man came to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to collect his prize accompanied by his wife Mary, two of his six children and one of his nine grandchildren.

The Queen Anne’s County couple said they gave the ticket to their 20-something daughter to hide in her bedroom, which is guarded by the family Rottweiler.

Robert plans to spend his prize on bills and possibly a new infant car seat – as suggested by one of his daughters – for a grandchild who is on the way. He also plans to keep playing Maryland Lottery games.

“What do you say? You’ve gotta play to win!” he said.

For selling the top-prize scratch-off ticket, Phillips Mart, located at 119 East Main Street in Sudlersville, will receive a $300 bonus from the Lottery. There are still lots of winning tickets available in this extended-play game, including two more $30,000 top-prize tickets and two $1,000 winners.