Tow Truck Driver Hooks up to $2 Million Scratch-off Prize

“Towing Pays” of Accokeek hooked up to a $2 million top prize on a $2,000,000 Mega Bucks scratch-off.

Claims big win on $2,000,000 Mega Bucks scratch-off

Towing pays — and so does playing Maryland Lottery scratch-offs! A 52-year-old Prince George’s County man was on a break from towing vehicles when Lottery luck came his way. The tow truck driver hooked up with a whopping $2 million prize by playing the $2,000,000 Mega Bucks instant ticket.

The lucky Accokeek man adopted the phrase “Towing Pays” as his alias as Maryland’s newest multimillionaire. “Towing Pays” shared his winning story with Lottery officials, saying that playing scratch-offs is part of his work routine. “I tow some cars and then, on my break, I play some scratch-off games.”

On Saturday, he and a friend did just that. They stopped at 7-Eleven #11678 located at 6800 Livingston Road in Oxon Hill and started playing the $2,000,000 Mega Bucks scratch-off. “Towing Pays” prefers higher-priced scratch-offs and was lucky enough to win $100 on the $30 game. He reinvested his winnings and purchased three more instant tickets.

Instead of scratching the games, “Towing Pays” scanned the prize-check area on his scratch-offs. The second of the three instant tickets carried the last $2 million prize in the game.

“I saw what the scanner said, but it just wouldn’t process,” said the happy player, smiling. “I’m thinking it can’t be right, it must be really $1,500.”

“Towing Pays” had to get several confirmations of his big win from friends and the Lottery cashier. He also re-scanned the instant ticket before finally believing his win was truly for $2 million. He then called his wife and told her the good news.

“I’m just so happy,” said the lucky wife, who accompanied him to Lottery headquarters to claim the big prize. “We’ve had a rough couple of years, so this is going to really help us.”

“I told her I was going to make a million this year,” said Maryland’s newest multimillionaire. The father of a teenage daughter, “Towing Pays” said the prize is giving him a financial cushion. He plans to invest his winnings after celebrating with his wife and daughter.

The 7-Eleven where Lottery luck landed for “Towing Pays” is also towing in some cash. The Prince George’s County store will receive a $2,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling the $2 million top-prize winning scratch-off.