Travel Agent Mapping Trip to Disney to Celebrate Lottery Win

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Mom and Daughter team win $30,000 on Bonus Crossword scratch-off

Claims $30,000 top prize on Bonus Crossword scratch-off

Talk about a winning mother-daughter team! A Baltimore County travel agent is mapping out plans to take her extended family to Walt Disney World, thanks to her daughter and a $10,000 Maryland Lottery scratch-off win.

Her journey to good fortune began in early August when her 53-year-old daughter bought two Lottery scratch-offs for them to play. They often play Lottery scratch-offs together, with the mom giving her daughter money to pick up her choice of tickets. The Baltimore mom’s current favorite scratch-off is the $3 Bonus Crossword ticket, so her daughter found her that scratch-off at 7-Eleven #26336 at 4139 E. Joppa Road in Baltimore.

“I only bought two that day,” said the daughter, who is a paraeducator for Baltimore County schools. “I got one, too, and mine wasn’t a winner!”

The daughter went home and was there when her 72-year-old mom decided to scratch off the lucky ticket. Stunned, the mom called her daughter. “Was it 11:30 at night you called me?” the daughter asked her mom. “I came right over. It was amazing. We were jumping up and down!”

“We couldn’t believe we won,” said her mom. How was her dad? The retiree “had a grin on his face from ear to ear,” the daughter said.

Our winner hid the lucky scratch-off in a brown envelope and placed it in a cedar chest. There it stayed, week after week, until the mother-daughter team could come together to Lottery headquarters to claim the prize. Our happy winner plans to put her money in the bank and split the proceeds with the daughter. A great-grandmother, she is also planning to take her family including two grandchildren and her great-grandchild to Walt Disney World in Florida to celebrate the win.

For selling a top-prize winning scratch-off, the retailer will receive a $300 bonus from the Lottery.