Treasure Almost Out of Winner’s Reach-Twice

Baltimore Woman Wins $10,000 Holiday Treasures Top Prize

Holiday TreasuresA 54-year-old Baltimore woman was feeling a bit lucky after purchasing and winning on a few of the Maryland Lottery’s Holiday Treasures scratch-off tickets. Nothing big, she won $12. But, she thought, she’d use those winnings towards more tickets. She did, and won $10,000.

When the retired state employee went back to purchase more Holiday Treasures tickets, with her $12 in winnings, she initially asked for four more tickets. Then, at the last minute, she decided to get five. Good thing she did, because the fifth ticket was the $10,000 winner. “I can’t believe I almost gave up that ticket,” she said, shaking her head.

She scratched the tickets at home while doing the laundry that night. She actually put the winner aside. “I thought it wasn’t a winner because none of my numbers matched,” she said. The lucky player later noticed that although her numbers did not match, there was a $1000 prize underneath each number and the little box to the right revealed a little sleigh that said “winall” beneath it, meaning she had really won $10,000.  “It was late and I thought I was seeing things,” said the winner. She then shared the good news with her family. Her son and his wife came over in their pajamas to see for themselves.

The winner’s husband had been out on disability for some time and she said this win will fill a financial need. She also said she will use it towards holiday gifts. The winning ticket was purchased at the Rosedale Citgo located at 8350 Pulaski Highway in Baltimore.