Tribute to Dad Leads to $100,000 Ravens X10 Win

A mourning woman’s tribute to her late father played a key role in her $100,000 top-prize scratch-off win. The Frederick County resident said her father’s love of scratch-offs inspired her to purchase a Ravens X10 instant ticket, which delivered the big win!

The winner’s collision with Lottery luck occurred as her father’s birthday, the first since his death, drew near. The 39-year-old describes him as an inspiration to his family and to the community. She was inspired to help others, too, through teaching and by studying learning and teaching techniques to help each child in her classroom.

“He could find value in nothing and then build it up – he had a legacy of historical preservation,” she said.

The daughter said she wanted to do something in his memory for his birthday. She remembered him relaxing by cracking a beer and kicking back with a scratch-off. When his birthday arrived, she and her husband ventured out to One Stop Deli and chose a $10 Ravens X10 scratch-off. They then headed to a tavern to scratch it off. As they sipped their beer and slowly revealed the scratch-off, something of value appeared from out of nowhere – the $100,000 top prize!

The winner attributes the win to luck and to her father. “This is a good omen from dad,” she said.

The prize will go to the ordinary and extraordinary, said the happy winner. In addition to paying family bills and orthodontics tabs, the lucky lady said she will use the top prize to finish returning her father’s ashes to resting places of significance. They have spread ashes in his hometown and at the farm where he raised the family. The winnings will finance a family trip to a vacation spot where he seemed most at peace so they can spread the rest of his ashes.

The store that sold the winning Ravens X10 scratch-off was One Stop Deli located at 1595 East Bowis Drive in Point of Rocks. For selling a top-prize winning scratch-off of $100,000, the retailer will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery.