Trio of Racetrax Horses Trot to Trifecta Win

Senior claims $35,313 prize with Trifecta bet

A Baltimore woman’s trio of Racetrax horses thundered around the track for 10 races, giving her a win of $35,313 when they crossed the finish line in the exact order of her Trifecta bet.

The retiree is not alone in finishing in big money this month by playing Racetrax, a popular horse-racing simulation game. A different Baltimore woman claimed a $14,712 prize by placing a Trifecta Box bet and Poolesville resident William Lynch, aka Schmoogie Boogman, won $13,587 on a Trifecta bet. Wary of the spotlight, our latest winner told Lottery officials only that she felt truly blessed.

“Someone upstairs is looking out for me.”

She added the Bonus option to her $20 ticket to multiply any winnings and selected the No. 10, No. 6 and No. 12 horses to finish in exact order. The 70-something city resident bought her 10-draw ticket from Gruner’s Liquor and Food Market at 101 North Monastery Avenue in Baltimore. For selling the lucky ticket, the city retailer will receive a $353 bonus from the Lottery.