Trip to See Son Results in $50,000 Crossword Multiplier Win

 Howard Townsend - Crossword Multiplier

Travelling through Maryland proved lucky for Howard Townsend
as he scratched his way to a $50K win!

Howard Townsend and his wife are frequent travelers along the I-95 corridor. The New Jersey couple has a daughter at the Naval Academy in Annapolis and a son is a sailor stationed in North Carolina. It was on one of their many trips to Carolina that an empty gas tank and good fortune combined to deliver the Townsend family a $50,000 win.

“It was 3:00 a.m. and we needed gas,” Mr. Townsend told officials. They left the highway, found a gas station, and while there, his wife picked-up several scratch-offs. Among the tickets she selected was Crossword Multiplier. “I was ready to go and couldn’t find her. My dad, who was traveling with us, told me she was inside the store playing Lottery games,” Townsend added.

Once back on the road, the ticket was scratched and the win discovered. No one in the car could believe that the game was a $50,000 winner. “We couldn’t really celebrate because my son, who was also along for the trip, was trying to sleep. He kept shushing us.”

This moment of Lottery luck comes at a good time for the Townsends. They have four kids, Howard is nearing retirement from the police department, and they’re caring for two elderly family members. Their new favorite stopping point when travelling through Maryland is the 7-11 convenience store at 8235 Perry Hall Blvd. in White Marsh where the Crossword Multiplier ticket was purchased.