Triple Play for Pasadena Trio

Robert Agel - Bingo Times 10_webTrio Wins $50,000 on Scratch-Off

Wins $50,000 Bingo Times 10 scratch-off prize

Pasadena sisters Deborah Ernst and Roxanne Agel had a standing pact — if either one got lucky with the Lottery, they’d share the loot fifty-fifty. But the fifty-fifty plan turned into a triple play for the sisters, thanks to Roxanne’s husband, Robert. It was Robert who lent his wife the $5 to purchase the Bingo Times 10 scratch-off from Doc’s F & B Liquors and win the $50,000 top prize. Roxanne told the story of how the trio agreed to share the prize on the ticket.

Roxanne was spending a relaxing evening at home when she decided to scratch her tickets. “I was sitting on the sofa near my husband when the numbers began to align on my bingo boards,” she told Lottery officials. “I uncovered four corners, then a diagonal, then an X. I was so excited by the prospect of winning $10,000, that I forgot to scratch the bonus,” said Roxanne. The bonus under that spot made the win $50,000.

Roxanne shared the news with Robert, then called her sister, Deborah. She explained that they had won the top prize and that, as promised, they would be splitting the prize. After a brief discussion, both sisters agreed that since Robert’s $5 put them in the winner’s circle they should divide the prize three ways.

Doc’s F & B Liquors is located at 7067 B&A Boulevard in Glen Burnie. The retailer will receive a $500 bonus for selling the ticket. The lucky winners said the prize would be used for home improvements, bills and a few charitable contributions.