‘Triples’ Produce Big Pick 3 Payout

Lottery players win nearly $1.8 million in Evening Pick 3 drawing on Aug. 26

If nine is your lucky number and you played 9-9-9 in Monday’s evening Pick 3 drawing, it’s time to celebrate!

The Maryland Lottery saw its second “triple” of the month drawn on Aug. 26. A total of 7,201 winners played 9-9-9, with prize payouts totaling more than $1.79 million.

The last triple — 7-7-7 — was the result of the evening Pick 3 drawing on Aug. 12. Players won more than $1.95 million in that drawing.

“Triple and quadruple numbers in Pick 3 and Pick 4 have always been popular with our players,” said Carole Gentry, the Lottery’s managing director of communications. “Whenever those combinations are drawn, we expect the payouts to be substantial, and of course, it’s great to see the players win big.”