Truck Driver Dumps His Worries after $100,000 Powerball Win

Middle River man a big fan of jackpot games 

Out for a motorcycle ride with a friend on Sunday, Brion Church of Middle River found himself distracted by worries over several big bills coming due in a few weeks.

“We had stopped for a snack and I told my buddy that $50,000 would take care of all of my problems,” he said. Brion had no clue that his money woes were already over because of a lucky Powerball ticket tucked in his back pocket.

The 63-year-old truck driver is a frequent player of Maryland Lottery jackpot games. He stopped at 7-Eleven #17553 in Baltimore on Monday, June 27, to pick up Bonus Match 5 tickets for the week when he noticed a Powerball banner celebrating a winning ticket sold there. That banner got Brion thinking about his weekend Powerball purchase.

“I asked the clerk to check my Powerball tickets,” Brion said. “He scanned them, handed them back and said, ‘Congratulations, you’ve won $100,000.’ ”

Brion had bought Powerball and Mega Millions tickets at the store on June 25 and, as he always does, added the multiplier to each. He even let the terminal quick-pick the numbers on his $3 Powerball ticket. “That Power Play option turned what would have been a $50,000 win into $100,000.”

With a vacation planned for next month, Brion had been trying to figure how much overtime he’d need to work to cover the cost. “This win means that my bills are now paid and that my vacation worries are gone,” said the Baltimore County resident. There will be enough money left over, Brion said, to help a friend or two.

“That’s the best part of this for me, to be honest,” he said. “I know some people in tough situations. I’m glad to be able to help.”

Brion’s Lottery luck found him at the 7-Eleven at 1921 Old Eastern Avenue in Baltimore.  He plans to stick to his pattern of play, which is clearly working. “I love your big-money games,” he said. “I just enjoy thinking about the fun I can have with the money when my numbers hit.”