Truck Driver Toasts $1 Million Lottery Win with Champagne

Claims 2nd Tier Powerball Prize

Every Monday and Wednesday, just like clockwork, a loyal Maryland Lottery player buys three Mega Millions tickets and one Powerball ticket. What happens next is just as routine. After the drawings, the trucker scans his tickets at a Lottery retailer to check for winners and scores either a small win or no win.

Routine went out the window, however, the day he scanned his Quick Pick Powerball ticket from the April 23 drawing and discovered he was a millionaire!

The Baltimore City resident remembers thinking “please pay my mortgage” as he scanned the ticket he bought at Telegraph Liquors in Severn. To his surprise, the scanner delivered the message that Lottery players everywhere hope to see: directions to cash the ticket at Lottery headquarters! The 50-year-old realized that he’d won a big prize that would not only cover his mortgage payment but maybe the entire mortgage.

He was so excited he immediately contacted his family, friends and co-workers. Right after sharing the great news, he bought a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

“This experience is life-changing,” our winner said. In addition to paying off his mortgage, the happy dad plans to buy new vehicles for himself and his mother and share some money with his two children. Retirement is not in his immediate future, however, because he enjoys his work too much!

His win is the fourth second-tier Powerball win in Maryland this year. Want to try his lucky store? Head to Telegraph Liquors located at 7741 Telegraph Road in Severn.