Truck Driver’s Pit Stop Proves Profitable

Wins $15,000 Wheelin’ & Dealin’ Top Prize

A routine pit stop, plus some good luck, added up to a very happy wife for a Pennsylvania truck driver. Although thrilled with their windfall, the winner’s spouse was not easily convinced of their good fortune. “I have called her as a prank before telling her I had won a large amount,” said the admitted jokester. “She said she wouldn’t believe it until she saw the ticket with her own eyes.”

This past weekend, as he passed through Maryland on his way home, the man decided to buy a few scratch-offs. “I have never played the Wheelin’ & Dealin’ ticket” he explained. “But it was the first ticket I saw in the machine and I went with it.” The man proceeded to scratch his ticket in the store, starting to yell as he revealed his $15,000 top prize win.

The couple, who has three young children and a daughter on the way, is looking forward to being able to pay off some student loans and bills with their winnings.  The rest, they said, will be a great help with all of the expenses of a newborn baby. The winning ticket was purchased at Pilot Travel Center at 11633 Greencastle Pike in Hagerstown.