Truck Mechanic Retools Finances with Lottery Win

Ronald Davila - Bonus Match 5

Ronald Davila is thrilled about his big win!


$50,000 Bonus Match 5 prize will enable him to pay bills

Playing Maryland Lottery games is a longtime hobby for Ronald Davila of Baltimore, who has worked as a truck mechanic on 18-wheelers for roughly 40 years.

Money got tight recently after Ronald developed a herniated disk in his neck, had surgery and wound up on disability from his longtime job at the Baltimore Mack Trucking Company. His wife, Raimunda, was retired but is now working part time as a certified nursing assistant at a retirement community.

His main enjoyment these days is playing Bonus Match 5. The 61-year-old bought a $2 ticket for the Friday, Oct. 11 drawing, letting the machine quick pick two of the three boards.

“Fifteen years I’ve been playing this game,” he said. The most money he has ever won was about $15, said Raimunda, who enjoys hunting for recipes, cooking and reading in her spare time. Between them, the two also have seven adult children and nine grandchildren to enjoy.

Ronald went to bed Friday night without checking the drawing. He followed his routine of checking the Bonus Match 5 winning numbers on the morning TV news. He was still upstairs when he realized he won $50,000. His wife was downstairs in the kitchen and Ronald was too excited to call out to her. He grabbed his walker and made his way down the stairs to tell her the news.

“I was so happy!” he recalled. “I said, ‘Honey, something’s happened’ and I showed her the ticket. I was so excited the whole weekend.”

He hid the ticket upstairs, where he stays most of the time, until they could come to Lottery headquarters Tuesday afternoon to claim the prize. They will spend the winnings to pay bills that have piled up since becoming disabled.

Lottery luck found Ronald at Leeds Liquors at 910 Leeds Ave. in Baltimore.