Truck Purchase on Street Man’s To-do List after $50,000 FAST PLAY Win

Robert “Bob” Nahrgang of Street won $50,000 playing the FAST PLAY Lucky Numbers game.

Player finds Lottery luck at Bel Air retailer  

A Harford County resident said he was so excited over his $50,000 Maryland Lottery win that he endured two sleepless nights until he could claim the prize on his lucky FAST PLAY ticket.

Loyal Lottery player Robert “Bob” Nahrgang of Street already has big plans for this prize, which is the largest one in his current winning streak. He has picked out a used Dodge truck to purchase and plans to pay off all of his credit cards along with a loan for a trailer.

“I haven’t had a lick of sleep,” Bob said, while sitting in the Lottery Winner’s Circle. “This is a godsend.”

The 58-year-old enjoys playing all of the Lottery’s games and reports having a run of luck playing Pick 4 and other games. A grandfather of three, Bob likes to play family birth dates for his Pick 4 numbers. He recently won several small prizes and one $5,000 prize playing birthdays of his parents and his adult daughters.

On the day the biggest win of his life occurred, Bob visited Moores Mill Convenience, Beer & Wine at 1302 East Churchville Road in Bel Air.

“I had an extra $30 to spend,” he said. Bob enjoys playing FAST PLAY, so he asked the clerk to give him three of the $10 FAST PLAY Lucky Numbers games. He scanned the first two tickets after purchasing them and found no prizes on either of them. That third ticket, however, delivered a $10 win. Bob almost left the store but changed his mind and decided to use that $10 to buy one more Lucky Numbers ticket. He instantly discovered his $50,000 prize and erupted into loud cheers, which set off an in-store celebration. The clerk even took a photo of him holding the winning ticket.

“I was screaming!” Bob said. “I was so happy!”

The lucky player now has his eye on the ever-growing jackpot in the FAST PLAY Diamond Mine game. Like the Lucky Numbers game, Diamond Mine has a progressive jackpot that increases with the sale of each ticket until someone buys a progressive jackpot winner. On Tuesday, the Diamond Mine progressive jackpot was well past the $1.27 million mark.