‘T&T’ Blows Up with Excitement over $17,512 Racetrax Win

This lucky Camp Springs woman set a new personal record with a $17,512 Racetrax prize.

Lucky Prince George’s County resident finds luck with Superfecta wager

Miss “T&T” of Camp Springs got a bang out of winning $17,512 while playing 20 rounds of Racetrax on Saturday. She doesn’t play the game very often but the lucky woman’s horses favored her with a win even bigger than her previous record Racetrax prize of $6,000.

She does play other games more routinely, usually buying them when she gets off work for the day. Among her favorites are Pick 3 and Pick 4, along with the big money drawings of Mega Millions and Powerball.

The 54-year-old picks her own numbers. To win her big Racetrax prize, she bet that horses 8, 4, 5, and 7 would cross the finish line together for the Superfecta win. “T&T” plans to spend her winnings to pay off bills, take care of herself and her family and boost her retirement fund.

Her lucky retailer also has a reason to gallop with joy. The 7-Eleven #11682 at 7411 Central Avenue in Capitol Heights receives a $175.12 bonus from the Lottery for selling a winning ticket of $10,000 or more. The bonus is equal to 1 percent of the prize.