Two Big Wins, Same Lucky Store

Powerball Jackpot and Mega Millions Second-Tier Prize Hit at Wine World

Just last September, Lottery officials were congratulating the $108.8 million winners of Maryland’s first Powerball jackpot prize. That winning ticket was purchased at Wine World, located at 406-A Constant Friendship Blvd. in Abingdon. Then, last Friday, the Lottery team once again welcomed a lucky Wine World patron to Lottery Headquarters. This winner claimed a second-tier $250,000 Mega Millions prize.

“What are the odds of two big wins like that?” asked the winner of the Mega Millions prize. “And, my number for the Mega Ball was only off by one digit.” The winning mega ball number was 27 and the winner had 26. Had that number matched, Wine World would have been celebrating two jackpot wins.

The Mega Millions winner, a 32-year-old Comcast employee, realized he had won the $250,000 prize when he checked his tickets at a grocery store about a week ago. The father-of-two was stunned to see the message that he needed to cash his prize at Lottery Headquarters. “I knew it was big, but it just didn’t seem real,” he said excitedly.

The winner plans to start a college fund for his children, pay some bills and buy a new house. Wine World owner Elizabeth LaBruto received a $1,000 commission for the most recent win, and a $25,000 commission for last year’s win.