Two Winning Attempts Make Couple Millionaires

A new house is in the future for West Virginia’s “Million Dollar Couple,” who won $2 million.

West Virginia couple win $2 million playing $2,000,000 Richer scratch-off  

West Virginia’s “Million Dollar Couple” say they were all set to go on vacation last week when Lottery luck gave them a $2,000,000 send-off.

The day before they planned to leave, the pair stopped at Best Price Market in McCoole, Md., to cash a $40 winning scratch-off from the $30 $2,000,000 Richer game. The Hampshire County residents, who had never bought a $30 Maryland Lottery scratch-off before, were so happy with their luck they decided to play the game again. The “Million Dollar Couple” reinvested the winnings in a second $30 scratch-off and won the game’s $2 million top prize!

“We were home eating dinner and scratching the ticket at the table,” said the 25-year-old female half of the “Million Dollar Couple.” “I was just hoping for $500 to take on our trip, but when I saw that $2 million, I couldn’t believe it.”

The loyal player tried to tell her boyfriend, who was at the refrigerator, about their big win but said she could not get the words out.

“She was just tapping the ticket over and over, I thought something was wrong,” said the 30-year-old chef. “Then, I saw the $2 million prize and we just started yelling.”

The “Million Dollar Couple” went on vacation despite having a $2 million winning scratch-off in their possession. They did share the news with immediate family members and said their vacation was actually very relaxing. After arriving home last weekend, the winners pondered what to do with the prize. They have decided to pay off debt, get new cars, buy a new home and help family members financially.

The winning duo’s lucky Lottery store, Best Price Market in Allegany County, will receive a $2,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling the lucky scratch-off. The $2,000,000 Richer game still has four more unclaimed $2 million top prizes, seven unclaimed $50,000 prizes, and thousands of additional prizes ranging from $30 to $5,000.