Unexpected Success – Forgotten Ticket Wins $1 Million Powerball Prize

Newburg man claims second-tier prize in March 9 drawing.

“Who would want to win a measly $1 million prize?” was the question that a self-described jackpot “Bandwagon Player” would often ask himself. That was before March 9, when the Charles County resident captured that tidy sum while attempting to hit the rapidly rising Powerball jackpot. The new millionaire accomplished the feat by matching five numbers and missing only the Powerball.

When he and his wife heard of the $1 million win in their area, the 49-year-old wasn’t sure if he had purchased a ticket. “I only buy a ticket once in a blue moon, and only when the jackpot is high,” he explained.

As his wife read the winning numbers, the Newburg resident began to match them to the tickets he had fished out of his wallet. When one of his tickets started matching each number one by one, his wife began to sob tears of joy.

No stranger to hard work, the lucky player said he spends his time handling the challenges of the small business he operates and focusing on the needs of his community. He said that his upbringing and work ethic affect the frequency of his Powerball play. “My money’s usually best in my pocket,” he said.

Now, his pockets are bulging with winnings! The lucky player and his wife are considering several options for the prize. Although there are some dream items they could splurge on, the pair plans to use the winnings for home improvements and college savings.

The happy man bought the lucky ticket at Ole McDonnell’s Country Store located at 15486 Rock Point Road in Newburg. The store wins, too. The Charles County market will receive a $2,500 retailer bonus from the Lottery for selling a winning Powerball ticket of $1 million.

This is Maryland’s second $1 million Powerball prize of 2019; the first was claimed by a Clear Spring man who bought a $1 million winning ticket in the Feb. 20 drawing. No one has hit the jackpot, which is set at $550 million for the Wednesday, March 20 drawing. This is the 8th largest Powerball jackpot in game history.