Unexpected Tip Brings Big Win for Essex Woman [VIDEO]


Wins Super Gems $50,000 Top Prize

Katelyn McGainey and her mom were trying to decide where to buy a few Maryland Lottery scratch-off tickets when they received some advice from a gentleman who overheard their conversation.

“We were talking about scratch-offs,” Katelyn told Lottery officials. “All of a sudden this guy tells us there’s a lucky store just down the block.”  The “lucky” Lottery retailer, Mace Liquors at 507 Mace Ave. in Baltimore, happened to be on the way to their next destination so they decided to give it a try.  Katelyn, a cashier at Walmart, picked out a few instant tickets, including Super Gems – a scratch-off she’d had luck with in the past.

Katelyn and her mom scratched their tickets when they got home and, as is their custom, looked only for the matches, purposefully not uncovering the corresponding prizes.  “I saw that I’d won something on the Super Gems ticket,” Katelyn told us.  Figuring it was one of the lower-tier prizes she’d won before, Katelyn scratched the rest of the ticket.  “I couldn’t believe my eyes.”  Lots of yelling and jumping ensued, followed by a trip back to Mace Liquors to confirm the win.

Katelyn has no long-term plans for her $50,000 prize.  In the short-term, however, there will be significant shopping.

Katelyn McGainey - Super Gems

Super Gems’ $50,000 prize is reason to smile for Katelyn McGainey of Essex.