University of Maryland Student Wins $50,000 Bonus Match 5 Top Prize

Happy windfall will wipe out student loan debt

Finding freedom from debt is just as exhilarating as winning the Maryland Lottery, according to a Montgomery County resident.

The University of Maryland student’s freedom is coming by way of a lucky $50,000 top-prize Bonus Match 5 win earlier this month. The hefty haul will wipe out 15 years of future student loan payments and open the door to a debt-free future, he said.

The lucky $2 Bonus Match 5 ticket crossed his path on July 1 and matched all five numbers in that night’s drawing. The 32-year-old discovered his luck when he scanned the ticket using the My Lottery Rewards app. “I may have scanned the ticket several times before I really believed that it happened,” said the winner.

The college student plans to use the funds to wipe out debt from his undergraduate studies. He is currently pursuing an advanced degree.

His winning quick-pick ticket came from Westlake Beer & Wine located at 10442 Auto Park Avenue in Bethesda. The Lottery gives the store a retailer bonus of $500 for selling the top-prize ticket in the Bonus Match 5 game.