Unloading Supervisor Hauls Away $50,000 Lottery Prize

Finds luck with Diamonds & Dollars scratch-off

182-Diamonds-&-Dollars-ITVM_P1-greenA Catonsville man can thank the five o’clock whistle for his $50,000 Lottery payday. The unloading supervisor for a Baltimore-based shipping and logistics company carted away a top prize from the Maryland Lottery after purchasing a winning Diamonds & Dollars scratch-off shortly after quitting time.

The 33-year-old player was actually reunited with Lottery luck, having won a few times before. The loyal player picked up two tickets at Center Court in Halethorpe on his way into work. Both tickets were non-winners, but the itch to scratch stayed with him throughout the day and inspired his fateful afternoon purchase.

He scratched his lucky $5 ticket when he returned home, pausing when one of his “Diamond Numbers” matched the numbers in the ticket’s play area for a $5,000 win. He called his mother to celebrate and scratched off nine more $5,000 amounts while she was on the line.

The Baltimore County man kept news of his win quiet, telling only close friends and family members. He told Lottery officials he plans to save his prize and may allocate a portion to travel. The lucky winner said he’d like to visit the West Coast to see family members and a couple of his favorite teams. “Maybe I’ll go to a Dodgers game or go see the Anaheim Ducks,” said the winner.

Try your Lottery luck at his Baltimore County retailer located on 5509 Selma Avenue in Halethorpe. For selling the top-prize ticket in the game, Center Court will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery. The game still has one more $50,000 top-prize ticket, two $5,000 winning tickets and four $1,000 winning tickets awaiting discovery at Lottery retailers.