‘Unlucky’ Brooklyn Park Woman Finds $50,000 Scratch-off Win

Plays Maryland Lottery Platinum Crossword scratch-off

Platinum CrosswordA Brooklyn Park woman who doesn’t consider herself very lucky should reconsider! She uncovered a $50,000 Platinum Crossword scratch-off win earlier this week. In a happy turn of events, the crossword enthusiast scratched her way to her very first top prize.

The 62-year-old woman, who has a love for Maryland Lottery scratch-offs and is a fan of the area casinos, said she likes Extended Play tickets because they keep her mind active. She is happy to break even playing scratch-offs.

“I wouldn’t really consider myself lucky,” she said. “This was the first time I’ve ever won anything really big.”

The woman had a feeling that she’d won a big prize when she found five red words on her crossword-themed ticket. “I just kept looking to see what the prize was for five words, but I didn’t see that on the ticket,” she explained. “I just knew there was a word I must not have counted.”

Sure enough, there were six red words on her bottom crossword worth the $50,000 grand prize. “I put the ticket in a pile with my other tickets and waited until the morning to call my friends. It was 11:30 at night. You can’t just call people that late!”

She plans to purchase a new car with some of her winnings. “I really needed a new car, so this will definitely go toward that.”

The winner found her crossword luck at her favorite Lottery retailer, Goldberg’s Liquors located at 5106 Ritchie Highway in Baltimore.