Unlucky with Powerball, Hagerstown Couple Find Luck with Scratch-off

Win $30,000 with change from Powerball purchase

LuckLast weekend, when the Powerball jackpot had a $320 million jackpot, Lottery players were looking for luck wherever they could find it. For a couple of Hagerstown residents, their luck took another path, leading them to a $30,000 top prize with the Lottery’s $3 Luck scratch-off.

The couple was driving to West Virginia for a day at the races when the dump truck driver suggested to his wife that they pick up a Powerball ticket before that evening’s big drawing. When they stopped, she used a $10 bill to purchase $6 worth of Powerball, spending the remaining few dollars on a couple of scratch-offs.

The 55-year-old began to scratch her tickets when they continued their trip, but a few miles down the road she couldn’t believe her eyes. One of her numbers matched the $30,000 prize. “My heart was jumping out – going ‘Bub-bub-ba-bub’,” she said.

The couple stopped again, just a few miles from where they purchased it, to check the ticket. “The clerk was excited and the people in the store just stopped when she said that she couldn’t cash the ticket because the prize was too big,” said the lucky lady.

The winners plan to use their winnings to pay bills and become debt free. The ability to pay those debts is a thrill. “We always work, pay bills and keep on going. This is the most we’ve ever won,” said her husband.

The winning ticket was purchased at the Sheetz convenience store located at 17550 Virginia Avenue in Hagerstown.