Upper Marlboro Grandmother Wins $50,000 With Pay Day Doubler

You wouldn’t believe Upper Marlboro resident, Barbara Holland, was a 72-year-old great-grandmother as she danced into Lottery Headquarters.  The enthusiastic winner was claiming a $50,000 Pay Day Doubler scratch-off top prize.

“This was really unexpected,” said the grandmother-of-seven and great grandmother-of-six. “You never know what tomorrow will bring.”

The retired nurse bought the ticket last week right after mailing an entry in for the Lottery’s Medal Madness contest. Barbara bought that specific ticket because she had been lucky with that game in the past. She scratched the tickets at home, with the second one revealing the win. “I saw the doubler symbol and I thought it was a $50 win, but as I continued to scratch, I saw another doubler symbol and then beneath the symbols zeroes and more zeroes,” she said. “I just screamed and screamed.”

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After regaining her composure, the lucky winner had her daughter double check the ticket, along with the cashier who had sold her the ticket.  It was then confirmed that she was holding a $50,000 winner.

The winner plans to use the prize money to pay off some bills and have a little fun. The winning ticket was sold at My Hicks Liquor Store, located at 11201 Crain Highway in Cheltenham.