Upper Marlboro Male with an Ace in the Hole [VIDEO]


$10,000 prize is doubled to $20,000 with the Lottery’s $2 Top Prize Doubler promotion

Lottery officials greeted a visibly shocked Hernan Diaz Giron recently as he walked into the “Winners’ Lounge” at Lottery Headquarters. Diaz Giron, who came to the Lottery’s Claim Center to claim what he thought was a $10,000 top prize, had just found out that his prize was significantly more; double, in fact. When told that his prize was twice what he expected because of the Lottery’s $2 Top Prize Doubler promotion, the winner softly squeaked, “Wow!”

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Diaz Giron, a frequent scratch-off and numbers game player, purchased a $2 Aces scratch-off last Monday began to scratch immediately. As soon as he saw the first ace symbol in the play area, his heart began to race and excitement started to build. “I scratched the first one, and I said ‘Oh, wow’ and then I scratched the second one and said ‘Oh, my gosh,” he told Lottery officials. Once Mr. Diaz Giron showed his wife the ticket, she asked “Did you win?” “I think so.” After double and then triple-checking, the couple finally allowed themselves to believe they had won.

Mr. Giron explained to Lottery officials that his son’s birthday is on July 4th, and that he will celebrate it by having a party at their home. He has also said that he plans to have a nice, relaxing weekend with his family and pay their bills in advance for the next few months. The winning ticket was purchased at the Hillendale BNW on 11017 New Hampshire Avenue in Silver Spring, Maryland.