Upper Marlboro Man Scratches His Way to $150,000 Win [VIDEO]


Claims Diamond Dazzler Bingo Top Prize

Robert Blades loves the Lottery. He plays frequently, enjoying a variety of games – Pick 3, Pick 4, Mega Millions, Powerball and, of course, scratch-offs. So, you would think that he’d realize when he had hit the big one. Yet, it took the 59-year-old quite awhile to realize that he was $150,000 richer.

“First I thought that I’d won $75,” said Robert. When the Lottery machine at the store where he purchased his tickets kept reading, “See Lottery” the clerk told Robert, “I’m telling you, this is a nice chunk of money.”

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Robert then proceeded to the Lottery’s Lanham office, now thinking that he had won $10,000. It was there that the woman asked, “Do you know how much you won”? She then pointed to the top of the ticket and the $150,000 top prize. An incredulous Robert said that he was “totally stoked.”

In order to claim the large prize, Robert made his final trip to Lottery Headquarters in Baltimore. “It still hasn’t quite hit me,” said Robert. The accountant and tax professional intends to use his new found wealth to buy a BMW for himself as well as a car and refrigerator for his sister-in-law. He also intends to purchase a food truck for his son, who is a chef. “He’s going to be one happy camper,” said Robert. He’ll be particularly glad to discover that the $10,000 prize his father told him about is actually 15 times larger.

The winning ticket was purchased at Hampton Mall Exxon, located at 8901 Central Ave. in Capitol Heights. Many prizes still remain on the Diamond Dazzler Bingo scratch-off including two $150,000 top prizes and eight $10,000 prizes.

Robert Blades - Diamond Dazzler Bingo

Robert Blades is dazzled by Diamond Dazzler Bingo win.