Upset Stomach Soothed by $30,000 Maryland Lottery Win

Daniel Gartland - Fire and Ice Multiplier

Daniel Gartland of Delaware won $30,000 with the
Fire and Ice Multiplier scratch-off.

Delaware man wins top prize on Fire and Ice Multiplier scratch-off

A combination of ginger ale and Lottery luck helped cure what ailed a Delaware man last week, making him $30,000 richer.

Daniel Gartland’s journey to good fortune began last Monday, when his upset stomach was so bad he called in sick to work. Finding no medicine on hand to ease his tummy woes, the ailing 23-year-old went to the store for ginger ale and spotted a display of Maryland Lottery scratch-off tickets. The Delaware man added a couple of them to his ginger ale purchase and headed home, hoping to feel better soon.

Did he ever! Daniel scratched off the tickets and saw he won $30,000 on a Fire and Ice Multiplier ticket. “I don’t play very often,” he said. “I totally thought it was fake at first.”

The winner lives in Newark but is staying with his grandmother in Elkton, Md., to keep her company after the death of his grandfather earlier this year. She was the first person he told.

“I showed her the ticket and said, ‘I think I just won $30,000!’” Daniel said. “My Mom-Mom just laughed, and said, ‘You sure did.’”

The lucky man then shared news of his win with his parents, brother and girlfriend. At first, they all doubted his good news and even his girlfriend thought he was joking.

A foreman at the H&H Insulation Company, Daniel then locked the ticket in a safe and went to work the rest of the week. He waited until Monday, July 15, to claim his prize. The young winner told Lottery officials that he plans to use the winnings for a down payment on a house, a vacation and is looking at engagement rings! He bought his ginger ale and winning ticket at the High’s store located at 42 Beauchamp Rd. in Elkton.