Very Happy New Year for Pasadena Woman

Wins $50,000 Playing Cash Up Doubler Scratch-Off

Cash Up DoublerA 49-year-old Pasadena woman has started off the New Year with a bang thanks to her love of scratch-offs. Every morning, instead of grabbing a cup of coffee, the state employee picks up scratch-offs and plays them before arriving to work. Yesterday morning was no different, until she began scratching. Her daily routine of paid off with a $50,000 win on the Cash Up Doubler scratch-off.

The lucky winner likes tickets that are relatively new on the market, which lead her to picking up four Cash Up Doublers. “My luck is pretty good with tickets that have recently launched,” she said. “But, I’ve never won this much before!”

After she saw that her ticket was a winner, she immediately called her husband to share the good news. “He thought I was joking!” she said.  “I can’t wait to show him the check when I get home. This is definitely a good way to start off the year.”

The stepmother of several grown kids says she and her husband decided to keep news of the win to themselves. She plans to use the winnings towards some home remodeling and a trip to Spain. The winning ticket was purchased at Trotters located at 200 St. Paul Place in Baltimore.