Veteran Celebrates $20,200 Scratch-off Win

Congrats to this lucky veteran, who found a top-prize winning 2020 Cash scratch-off.

Claims lucky top prize on 2020 Cash game

The Maryland Lottery’s 2020 Cash scratch-off blessed yet another person in the New Year with its top prize of $20,200. A California, Md. man went from chilling out with friends to becoming a big winner in the time it took to scratch off the game..

The St. Mary’s County resident, who called himself “Mr. J.” for his Lottery publicity, plays scratch-offs based on feelings rather than formulas. He typically tries his luck with large-payout games priced at $10, $20 or $30. Asked if he had any special techniques involved with his Lottery luck, “Winning Mr. J.” said, “Scared money don’t make money.”

He found his lucky scratch-off at ABC Liquors and Lounge in California. “Winning Mr. J.” had won $20 on a scratch-off and reinvested it in the purchase of the 2020 Cash instant ticket. He was at the bar when he played the $20 game and discovered his prize. The astonished man told a friend, “That can’t be right!” When his buddy confirmed his lucky win, the happy player announced his good fortune to everyone in the bar. The 33-year-old’s announcement was met with doubt and disbelief by staff and customers alike until he scanned the prize check area on the game. Proof of his big win set off a celebration.

The winner is a veteran who works as a contractor for the U.S. Department of Defense. He plans to first pay off debts and bills with his prize, give a portion to his mother and will then treat himself with the remainder.

His lucky retailer, ABC Liquors and Lounge, can also celebrate. The business located at 22741 Three Notch Road in California earns a bonus of $202 for selling the top-prize winning scratch-off. Our 2020 Cash scratch-off in circulation since Nov. 18 has 30 chances to win. Players can search for 173 unclaimed top prizes of $20,200.