Veteran Prays for Help, Wins $50,000 Lottery Prize

Grateful Princess Anne man claims top prize on Bonus Match 5 game

A 72-year-old Vietnam veteran recently began praying for help as his wife’s health issues worsened and the family’s debt grew to dire proportions. The answer to the grateful man’s prayers came in the form of a $50,000 Maryland Lottery win.

“My wife had had four strokes and I just didn’t know where I was going to get the money to pay for everything,” said the Princess Anne resident. “I was responsible. I paid my bills on time and I saved for a rainy day but medical emergencies can quickly eat through savings.”

The Eastern Shore retiree had already cut back on expenses, including his Lottery games. On Oct. 1, when he was out paying bills, he stopped at the Goose Creek Convenience Store at 30293 Mt. Vernon Road in Princess Anne. Just as he began to walk out the door, something spoke to his spirit and told him to take $2 from his wallet and buy a Maryland Lottery Bonus Match 5 ticket.

“I would pray each night for help with this,” he said. “One of the hardest things I’ve had to do is watch my wife go through having these strokes. So, I’d pray for a miracle to help.”

The Somerset County resident interpreted the impulse to play Bonus Match 5 as a possible answer to his prayers. He checked the three game boards on his ticket the next day.

“I quickly noticed I had the first number, then the second and third and so on.” The machine had quick-picked a $50,000 top-prize ticket for him! “I feel blessed,” the happy winner said. In addition to paying the family’s debt, the lucky man plans to give back to the social services in his community that have helped his family during their time of need.

For selling the winning ticket, the retailer will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery.