Virginia Woman Finds Lucky Bucks Playing New Maryland Scratch-off

$10,000 prize is the cure for a quiet day at work

Aretha Trammell of Virginia rang in the New Year a few days early this week when she arrived at Maryland Lottery headquarters to claim her $10,000 scratch-off prize. Jumping up and down with happiness, the 47-year-old federal employee merrily donned a Happy New Year hat to celebrate her win in style.

The Falls Church resident found her lucky bucks playing a new Lottery scratch-off that arrived in stores on Monday, Dec. 28. She had decided she needed a little excitement at work to liven up a quiet day at the office and thought immediately of the Lottery kiosk in her building lobby. When she returned to her desk, her colleagues knew immediately that something remarkable was in progress.

“As soon as I got upstairs I called for my co-worker Carol to help me,” Aretha said. “I just couldn’t believe what was happening.”

She plays Lottery games from time to time and had picked out two of the $2 Lucky Bucks Bingo instant tickets from the store’s display. “I scratched them and wasn’t sure if I’d won, so I asked the owner to check them.” The first ticket was a non-winner, but that second one….

“When she told me that she couldn’t cash it because it was too big, a $10,000 winner, I was just stunned,” Aretha said. “I asked her to repeat what she told me. Then, we just hugged and danced. We were both super excited.”

Once upstairs, Aretha and her friend Carol Gore studied the ticket to make absolutely sure it was a winner. Explaining to their supervisor what had happened, the pair immediately headed to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim the $10,000 prize.

Aretha plans to take care of a bill or two with her winnings, share some with her mother and put the rest in the bank. Lucky Bucks Bingo has four more of the $10,000 prizes that so thrilled Aretha, Carol and the owner of the kiosk in Linda’s Café at 6910 Cooper Avenue at Fort Meade. The game also has all four of its $30,000 top prizes available.

Aretha Trammell - Lucky Bucks Bingo_webHappy Luck Bucks Bingo scratch-off winner Aretha Trammell of Virginia (right) and her friend Carol Gore celebrate her $10,000 prize in style.