Visit to Maryland a Golden Opportunity to Win $100,000

“Blessed Winner,” an avid scratch-off player from Virginia, picked up a $100,000 prize!

Virginia woman scratches top-prize win on Gold Rush X50 instant ticket

Winning a few dollars here and there is nothing new to a Centreville, Va. player, who enjoys playing scratch-offs in her home state and while traveling. Winning $100,000 while in Maryland came as a big surprise.

“Blessed Winner” was visiting the Maryland side of suburban Washington, D.C. when she found her Lottery luck. The 42-year-old picked up a Gold Rush X50 instant ticket during a pit stop at Triangle Shell located at 6510 Martin Luther King Jr. Highway in Hyattsville. Her selection gave her a top-prize win in the $10 game.

When “Blessed Winner” arrived at Maryland Lottery headquarters to claim her prize, the lucky traveler was having trouble coming to terms with her six-digit win. She was all smiles, though! The scratch-off fan said she had no plans yet for what to do with the prize. Most certainly, however, a big family celebration will take place, she said, and the bulk of the win will “go in savings. I will think about what to do with it later.”

Also picking up a bonus is Triangle Shell. The Prince George’s County retailer receives a $1,000 bonus, equal to 1 percent of the prize, for selling the winning scratch-off.

The Gold Rush X50 game, which is one of five in the Gold Rush family of scratch-off games, is packed with prizes, including 10 $50,000 and 21 $10,000 unclaimed prizes. Other games in this fun family are the $1 Gold Rush X5, $2 Gold Rush X10, $5 Gold Rush X20 and $20 Gold Rush X100 scratch-offs.

Collectively, the Gold Rush family holds three of the top 10 spots on the Maryland Lottery Top 40 Scratch-Offs chart. Gold Rush×50 held the No. 1 spot for four weeks after making its debut at the top spot the week of May 28.