Visitor to Westminster Picks Up $100,000 Winning Ticket

While visiting her daughter in Westminster, a mom from Sterling, Va., stopped by College Square Liquors at 444 WMC Drive and picked up a Diamond 10s scratch-off ticket, as is her custom. On this trip, however, the excursion turned out to be worth $100,000.

The visiting mom has experience with the thrill of winning on the Diamond 10s game, though not at the same level. Previously, she won a $500 prize on the $10 ticket, but this is a much bigger deal.

The 43-year-old woman made arrangements to collect her $100,000 prize on Friday the 13th and, when asked during that process if she had made any plans for her substantial winnings, she exclaimed: “Mucho!”

She elaborated she would be buying a new car, “investing in a house, and keep on buying tickets.”

Though she enjoys Diamond 10s, which just launched in on June 25, she also regularly purchases tickets for Powerball and Mega Millions drawings.

A family dinner to celebrate the windfall is in the works, but it will not be at a restaurant, nor will it be a catered event. Rather the winning mom plans to do the cooking herself, grilling steaks, burgers and hotdogs in the back yard.

The Carroll County retailer is a winner as well. For selling the top-prize-winning ticket, College Square Liquors will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Maryland Lottery.

Another seven top prizes of $100,000 remain unclaimed in Diamond 10s, along with 16 tickets worth $10,000 and another 41 valued at $1,000; thousands of others with prize amounts ranging from $10 to $500.